Here I will begin to write some techniques I use to start a website. Now a days you can start very quickly a website depending on wich tool or text editor you use to achieve it. I will show you the different ways and techniques based on the tools and versions. If you have some questions, you can found the threads here on our Forum too( I am still working on it when I can, so It is not ready yet, but I will do my best to have it ready soon... be patient, hehe).

Before you start with a new tecknology it is important to understand the concepts. It isn't an easy task and many times it can be difficult to find an explanation that have not a complicated language there you can go lost in technical terms.

If you are beginning with web development or programming, try to concentrate on one or two technologies first, other ways you can colapse and it will take much longer to learn something. Before start with programming, I will recommend you to have a basic understanding of design, because if you go to program something you must implement some design.

I must say that I am still learning a lot of things, so if you find something wrong, hopes you can understand that. Any way you can allways contact me and tell me your point of view of the contents of this website.

To Beginners there is one link you should check first. It resumes some technologies, explains the basics in a way you can understand well.
- w3schools

It is not a good idea on clicking everything and start install all the programs that appear in this site at the beginning. I will put some different pages and explain all the technologies in a separate way, just to keep an order in your learning start.

Basic Concepts

JavaScript IS NOT the same as JAVA

You need to understand the differences in programming concepts. You can program different types of applications, in this case I will explain the concepts of web developmnet programming techniques, where to put every thing and that's important you understand what's going on in every part of the development.

The basic to start develop web sites is HTML. It can be pretty easy to learn it, but as allways things become more and more complicated when you grow and want to develop more advanced web pages. The skeleton of a web page is as simple as this:

		<title>You can write your title text here</title>
			-here is the content of the page, all the visible elements must be here, as the header for the logo, menus, content, pictures, links, etc...

If you copy the contents above, create a new text file whenever on your computer, right-click and paste, save the document with name myfirstHtmlPage.html with type of document: all types. After that double click the file and it will opens on your web browser as your first web page... Pretty easy eh ;)

Client Scripting

- What means with client scripting?

All the browsers have an interpreter that can convert the script to output html. It means that if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or another web browser, it will read the script in your computer and translate it to visible objects or performs some functions when you do something in the web page. It not needs any server to work, the script downloads together with the html code to your browser and it is your browser the worker than does all the work.

There are some client scripting languages, but the most used is Javascript. You can find more information here:
- Scripting Languages

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser configuration in order to let the Javascript work on that browser. Otherways it would't work.

Server Programming

- What means with Server Programming?

Server programming, means that all the operations the functions does in the web server before it sends to your browser the html output with the visible objects. It means that when you type a webpage on your browser for example http://www.joewing.com, the place there the web page lives have a special web server depending on the server language the website is done on, and it is that server who interprets that language and convert everything to html output and sends it to your browser.

There are a lot of Server Programming languages and frameworks. Asp, Asp.Net, VBScript, VB.Net, C#, JAVA, and PHP are the most common nowadays... I will explain a litle all of them in the different parts of this litle tutorial.

Web Server

- What is a webserver and how it works?

A web server is a program, that interprets the programming language and translates it to a html output that browsers can understand. There are different web servers that works better with different programming languages, IIS, Apache, Tomcat are the most common nowadays. But you can find some other there out...
The best webserver to work with Microsoft programming languages is it's own Microsoft web server IIS, Internet Information Server.
The best webserver to work with PHP is Apache
And to do Java Server Pages, JSP to work you can configure Tomcat to work together with Apache... Or you can download and configure WebLogic, from Oracle, but that is a litle bit difficult because you can go lost at the beginning on all the features this tool offers.

This page still under construction and I will update this page often, check then and then to see if you can find more links here.