This website still under construction and I will put more links here soon, but for now you can test these tools:
- Notepad ++
It is a free tool, wich you can develop for every programming language.

Do not write html on text editors like as Microsoft Word, Word pad, Open Office because they leave some hidden characters than many times will do the page not show correctly or fail to render. To write html pages use Notepad, Notepad++, Netbeans, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Webmatrix or some special editor to write html. I recommend Notepad or Notepad++ at the beginning. Many other html editors have intelisense, that will help you write some code, but I don't recommend it at the beginning because you must know and learn what you are writting and how things work together. That's because I thing Dreamweaver is not an option when starting create webpages, it will do things very confusing for you. Use Dreamweaver when you have already a good basic understanding of how html works.

Another very good and free editor is Netbeans. But it includes a lot of configuration features, and you need some understanding to install and configure those correctly. You can develop on Html, Java, Php and C++. You can get it here:
- Netbeans

Other good programming editor is Eclipse, but there are lots of packages to install depending on what you want to do and you can get confused trying to choose the right package to install first.
- Eclipse

For those who can't spend money on a graphic editor like Photoshop here is a link to a good tool, GIMP:

And here is a GIMP Tutorial:
- GIMP Tutorial

If you haven't Microsoft Office and don't want to pay for a license, here is a link to the free package that offers the same:
- Open Office

Web design

Here I will put some links to web pages there they explain how to do some things, as Logo design, graphic design, etc...
Logo Design
Logo design


To start develop with PHP, you must intall some packages in your computer and after that you must configure it. You must know wich version of Php you want to install, and if you wanna intall MySql too, it could be a lot of configurations, modifications you must do before everything works fine for you. In order to do PHP work on localy in your computer you must install a web server, and with PHP the most eficient and easy to configure is Apache. You can configure IIS, (Internet Information Server) in your Windows Operative System too, but almost every time I tries It went to configuration errors difficult to fix afterwards.

There are some packages and installers than do all the installing job for you. Installing and configuring all the programs you need to do PHP and MySql to work in one simple click. Sometimes you can get errors too, but if you search after the specific error on the web, you will found a solution much easier to fix.
I usually use Xampp, it is a package and you can find some older versions too. If you are new, I advice you to use the latest stable version.
Here is the link:


With the newest versions of Windows you can find in your installation, Microsoft Web Platform Installer, there you can find a lot of frameworks, CMS, development tools, and other free stuff.
If you have not it installed you can get it here:
- Microsoft Web Platform Installer

This program will download and install the packages and programs you selected automatically, but some times it can be errors when installing, and some of them are litle dificult to solve sometimes, but usually works fine. After some experiences, I preffer to install only Microsoft related technologies from this tool, and the open source packages I download, install and configure on my own, due to compatibility errors...
To work with Asp.Net, C#, Visual Basic.Net, you can download Visual Web Developer Express or Microsoft Visual Studio Express. It is free.

Web Matrix is other Microsoft free tool to start building websites, and it includes some starter kits.

If you are working on Linux and want to develop .Net applications you can get Mono-development package.
- Mono-project



I have tested only Ubuntu, but there are some other free versions of Linux there out. If you want a very stable free Open Source Operating System:


I have tested only Virtual Box. Installing it is very simple and It is easy to configure. After installing it in your current Operating System, you can run other Operating Systems inside the first one without the need to restart the computer. Of course, you must install the selected Operating System when you start a new virtual machine, and you must have it. I recommend to install Ubuntu 11, just to start play with both.
Virtual Box