Web Design

I can do all the work from design to layouting, development, programming and database design and implementation.


I work usually more with C# and Web development in Asp.Net webforms, but I have worked with Winforms in a Linq to Sql aproach too, Mvc 2, Php-MySql and Flash development.
I have been learning Java and J2EE, jsp, Servlets, Struts2, Hibernate and at least Spring. I am pretty new with it but I can implement solutions as with Asp.Net and C#. The logic is almost the same when creating web applications.

Database Design

I work most with Ms Sql Server 2005, 2008 designing and implementing relational databases usually from scratch. I implement the Stored Procedures needed to work with your application. I have worked with MySql in the same manner.

Support / Website Mantainment

I can offer my help to improve your website, update it or do some new stuff. I can find one web hosting provider that meets your needs and requirements too.