Welcome to Joewing web design and programming website.

Althougt, I am an Asp.Net web developer I am testing my abilities in php and jquery in this website. Just to maintain my knowledge, I have constructed a basic framework in php and testing some features, as traduction pages and Jquery plugins.

Development in any web development technology involves other related technologies. The ways you can achieve something are many and with a lot of different configurations. It takes years to know any tecnology and its secrets, and new ones or modifications, upgrades of existent ones comes out almost every day. It can be hard to be updated on everything and therefore I decided to specialize me on Asp.Net Webforms with C# some years ago.

I am offering my services here as an experienced Asp.Net and C# developer and database administrator. You can find more information on the tab Services / Development.

In this website you will found some other stuff too, as links to programming tutorials, links to some tech forums, or my own forum wich will be available soon. Links to resources, depending on the technology you want to know about, and where to begin with.

If you are new on the development world, you will found this website very usefull for you, because, I will explain how I do to configure one or other technology, where I founded solutions as worked for me when I was a Rockie, and if that worked for me, it will work for you, for sure.

Thank you to be here and read some of my ideas.